Sunday, April 6, 2014

This module completes a 180 degree turn and completes the hill too.

Here is  the text of the letter I sent to the Northwest Crossing Yahoo group:

This is principally for Mark Wilcox who rendered invaluable aid yesterday (Saturday).  He was wondering why I was going to so much trouble to turn the Free-MoN modules back in the direction from which they came and to make them useful for running trains until such time as we figure out what to do with them.  I understand that Will is contemplating a yard.  I placed a stand-in for Will’s yard at the extreme left-hand side of the drawing (below) to give myself and others an idea of what sort of operation should be considered – temporarily, of course.  Following the drawing are a few photos of what we added yesterday.  If they don’t come out, you can find them at .  (Yahoo doesn’t like in-line photos.)  The return loops on the left-hand side of the Yard are removable.  The Southwest branch of the interchange is an open question.   This is not a run-around-and-around layout.

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