Wednesday, April 16, 2014

And now for something completely different ...

One can find the route map for the ATSF in 1891 at,_Topeka_and_Santa_Fe_Railway:

With this as my guide, I produced a Free-MoN version this morning:

This is probably the first of (hopefully) many attempts at prototype modeling.  Sometimes the spelling of the smaller towns (junctions) wasn't clear.

Here is an expanded version with Galveston on main line and a branch to Houston as in the prototype.

And, with the benchwork drawn in roughly.  It has to be legitimized in accord with Free-MoN standards: main line in the exact center, at least four inches of straight track at right angles to and ending at the end plates, etc.

I want to have many industrial sidings to create operating interest.  Despite the additional challenge of servicing a single track, most operators will appreciate both incoming and outgoing tracks, that is, at least a two-track siding.  The following diagram shows the general idea; however, the sidings are not "regularized" to adhere to the Free-MoN standards.  But that is easily done.

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