Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Recent Letter to John Hunt with Heads-Up to Will Gage

I sent the following letter to my friend the great modeler John Hunt who is currently searching for a viable property on which he can live and build his once-in-a-lifetime dream model railroad layout.  This may be the first Will Gage has heard about the rearrangements of Free-MoN modules I have commenced - principally because Carl Wappel and others objected to the obstruction to access the N-Trak layout in the former arrangement necessitating a difficult moving job last Saturday but one.  I hope Dr. Gage approves of the new arrangement and will lend his genius to future planning.  Here is the letter with photo inserts:

Hi John,

How goes the search for new quarters and a site for dream layout?   I have re-arranged Free-Mo N  modules and made two more.

 Will Gage hasn’t seen what I have done yet and he may not like it.  Mark Wilcox likes it though.  Lately, I have prepared for the home layout I must perforce build to accommodate the modules if they want me to take them home:

Or, if I continue modifying the modules at NWX, I must regularize the square module on the end with the neighborhood, thus:

I guess I picture something like this:

The boat is so hard to see that I include the original copy J (original copy ha, ha, ha)

This may be hard to download; but, it was hard to compile as well.

Tom W. 

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