Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Let's show structures even though the actual structures might be quite different.


  1. Remember about the part of the Free-MoN rules that talk about roads and such and how they come together....but, I must say....Looks great!

    1. Some of these are not Free-Mo N and should not leave the club; others are sections of modules rather than modules, in which case the rules don't apply. In some cases, the modules will be regularized, by which I mean "brought into compliance with Free-Mo N rules". I don't mind if an expert carpenter or cabinetmaker fixes my mistakes regardless of the expense and trouble (depending on how much we value whatever else was done). I worry about the neatness of my wiring too (after looking at photos from people who really know how to do it). Perhaps, I can go back and turn each module upside down and measure the lengths of wire etc. But, let's get it running first. You know: Two steps forward - one step back ....